The Future is Single Touch

The Touchtile is turned on by simply touching within the square to get the temperature and flow rate you want. The following images show how it works.

The Touchtile turns water on as soon as it is touched within the white rectangle. The red bar on the left indicates hotter temperature, the blue bar on the right indicates colder temperature. The single dot at the top indicates slower flow rate, and the eight dots at the bottom indicate faster flow rate. By touching in the bottom left area, you'll select hot and fast. If you touch in the top right area you’ll select cold and slow. Touching in the middle selects medium temperature and medium flow rate. The water flow is turned off by touching the off button.


The V2O digital shower gives you up to date news headlines, weather conditions, and traffic conditions which you control. Once the shower is turned on, it will display this information on the V2O display to read while showering, so once you’ve finished your shower, you already know the news headlines, what to wear, and how to get there.

For Hoteliers

It is now possible with Touchtile's technology to show your hotel customers information while they are showering or bathing regarding breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus with the option to purchase. Information about events and shops, in and around the hotel can also be shown. Customer's favourite shower and bath settings can also be stored on their hotel patron cards for future visits. The V2O showers and taps can also be networked in the same hotel allowing the monitoring of the condition of each V2O installation. This will allow the units to be easily maintained and know when a unit may need attention.

Social Networking

Use Facebook, Twitter, or even email while you are in the shower or bath. Catch up on your friends

Streaming Audio and Video

The V2O shower allows you to stream audio and video over a WIFI network. Enjoy your own content from your personal selection, or from your favourite website such as YouTube.

For Hospitals and Care Homes

The ease of use and safety of the V2O digital showers which are electronically thermostatically controlled allows for safe use by anyone who uses it. The units can also be pre-programmed to allow only one safe temperature to be chosen therefore minimising the safety risk to people bathing or showering. The V2O showers and taps can also be monitored from a central computer program or mobile phone App. This will allow the units to be easily maintained and know when a unit may need attention.



Single touch shower control –
no more levers or knobs




Single touch tap – for bath,
bathroom basin, or kitchen sink




Providing accurate and safe
control of water temperature
and flow.

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