About Touchtile

Touchtile was founded in 2005 by Patrick Conroy, an Australian electronic engineer with a dream and a passion to develop touch sensitive digital showers and taps. The idea came about in Australia around 1998, and after travelling to the UK in late 1999 to start a new life, began developing the product in the mid 2000’s after gaining experience in UK startup companies. This technology has been difficult to develop, but is now mature and ready for release to market.

Touchtile’s first true single touch, touch sensitive digital shower product called the V2O Digital Shower is designed to penetrate all bathroom market segments. This will form the backbone of the company, especially with the bathroom industries most advanced valve control unit (VCU).

The dream and vision for Touchtile is to become a complete bathroom company offering products across the entire bathroom range, including shower heads, digital taps for bathrooms and kitchens, shower enclosures, basins and toilets. Eventually producing products for the connected home, not just for smart bathrooms.

Our first step is to make our first product, the V2O Digital Shower successful so we can grow our company.

We hope you become part of our journey.

Patrick Conroy

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Touchtile Ltd

Patrick Conroy
Unit 3, 194 High Street
Newmarket, Suffolk

Email: pconroy@touchtile.com
Phone: +44 (0) 794 677 2487