A Beautiful Sense of Touch

Touch sensitive showers and taps are no longer just a part of science fiction. The technology has been developed by Touchtile and produced in a beautiful modern housing to suit any bathroom.

The V2O Digital Shower will be available from Touchtile for trial installations and early adopters for delivery in Q4 2021. Due to the Corona virus pandemic, final development of the V2O Digital Shower has been slow, but is nearing completion now. We will be making regular updates to the state of the product bi-monthly from March 2021.

A YouTube video of a demonstration of Touchtile's V2O Digital Shower has been made to show the product working in the presence of water. The link to the YouTube video is shown below

V2O Digital Shower Demo

New products such as a touch sensitive digital mixer tap for a bath installation are now in concept stage. This is based on our existing electronic valve technology which is already proven and quite mature technology. This tap will have two outlets: a bath faucet outlet and attachment for a 1/2" BSP bathroom hose to a shower head or handheld shower. It will be retrofit: It is designed to fit into the same hole of a bath as a standard bath tap. It just requires a hot and cold water connection, plus a 12V connection. Simple installation.




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